Wall Coating Products.

Mid Wales Specialised Exterior Masonry Coatings are organic based coatings containing a developed blend of hard wearing amorphous minerals, titanium dioxide and small quantities of crystalline silica. The mixture is bound with strong polyethylene fibres and suspended in an alkyd resin and white spirit. The coatings we use are manufactured in the UK and Germany, The coatings are lead free. Roof coatings are also manufactured in the UK. Specialist Weatherproof Coloured Renders such as K,Rend and Monocouch Renders are also manufactured in the UK.


1. Transforms the appearance of your home.
2. Eliminates the need for frequent painting.
3. Beautiful Smooth or Textured finishes in many architectural colours.
4. Specialist applications.
5. Will not chip, flake or peel.
6. Weatherproof and Waterproof.
7. Microporous to allow the walls to breathe.
8. Resists dirt, mould, algae and acid rain.
9. Easily washed clean.
10. Hides surface imperfections and blemishes.
11. Alkali resistant.


Protection and Decoration.
Resistance To Dirt Retention.
Well formulated coatings based on Pliolite resins are hard and resist dirt pickup and hence are well suited to urban and industrial zones. They are self cleaning, any dirt retained is easily washed away by rain.


Resistance To Blistering And Peeling.
Deep penetration into the masonry surface ensures long lasting adhesion. The microporous nature of these Specialised Coatings means that they protect the masonry surfaces from wind driven rain, yet allow entrapped moisture vapour to escape.


Unique Ageing Characteristics.
Pliolite Resin Coatings have been specially developed to resist in a controlled way, the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. Coatings based on Pliolite resins are self- cleaning. A few microns on the surface of the coating film are regularly eliminated by rain, removing any retained dirt, preserving an appearance close to the original.


Weather Application.
The layers of masonry coatings based on Pliolite resins are not affected by climatic conditions. Application of these coatings is possible either at low ambient temperature or at high wall temperatures. Night time freezing temperatures after application will not affect the coatings performance.


ProPerla Classification.
ProPerla Masonry Creme is used for protecting brick, stone, concrete, and masonry against rainwater penetration. ProPerla Masonry Creme does not change the aesthetic appearance of the substrate after treatment. On application, dependant on the porosity of the material to be treated, it penetrates up to a depth of 5mm, effectively repelling driving rain. The surface, however, can breathe, thus ensuring that previously absorbed moisture will evaporate and thus allowing the treated areas to dry out normally. ProPerla Masonry Facade Coating is a Superior Super Hydrophobic Weatherproof Protective Smooth Coating which not only protects but also helps to insulate treated walls.


Method of Use.
Allow at least one day for the new pointing to be adequately dry for the ProPerla application. (May need more than 24 hours in poor weather conditions). Apply by brush or roller normally at 3-5m/litre per coat. Coverage depends on the porosity of the surface and two coats are normally applied. Allow two hours drying time between the coats.

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