Each year the Mid Wales Wall Coatings Group allocates subsidies to its Marketing Department. This budget is to be used by that department to subsidize certain properties that may be of a marketing interest to the business. Being an External Wall Coating Applicator it is imperative that the business keeps an up to date portfolio of its work. Mid Wales Wall Coatings Group like to document many of its contracts by photography, this is then used as presentation material for potential customers. Properties of interest can range from ex-council semis to high rise blocks of flats, there is no set trend to this. Since the early nineties Textured Wall Coating Businesses have broadened their customer base and it is now as commonly found on your typical mid terrace as it is on large commercial premises..

This option may be of interest to many home owners as there are large savings incurred if they take part. No addresses are given out and you are only active in this scheme for the period of 3 months. We try to keep inconvenience to a minimum and all contact is done by arranged calls. Please ask for details if you feel this may be an option for you.