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A and R Wall Coatings, part of the Mid Wales Wall Coatings Group, specialise in the application of All Types of highly developed Protective Exterior Wall Coatings and Renders. Mid Wales Wall Coatings are designed to protect masonry walls by providing flexible yet decorative coating systems that prevent water intrusion. We prepare and repair any damaged areas of your walls whether brick, render, stucco, tyrolean or pebble dash or spar dash, then apply your chosen type of coating, that has many benefits, in a colour and texture of your choice with guarantees of up to 25 years. Protective Render Systems also come with a Guarantee of up to 25 years.


Your HOME is probably the single biggest investment you will ever make in your life. Shouldn’t you do everything you can to protect that Investment? Mid Wales Advanced Wall Coatings are specially developed to do just that and more. Better than exterior paints and stainers and far cheaper than weather boarding yet more advanced than many other wall coating systems available today.

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The Process

If you are having problems with your property’s exterior, i.e render, rough cast, pebble dash, spar dash, tyrolean, brickwork or painted brickwork, or should you be experiencing penetrating damp problems, then contact The Mid Wales Wall Coatings Group today. Based in the North West and covering the whole of Wales and England, we provide high quality, affordable, cost effective, long lasting, maintenance free, protective wall coatings and renders which stop penetrating damp with a minimum trouble free life of 25 + years..Contact US Todayalso on,